The Magic of a Keyboard

I have had the new apple magic keyboard for over a week now and I of course have a few thoughts on it. This is the first redesigned wireless keyboard apple has put out in a few years and this one feels completely different. At first glance they look very similar, small form factor, lack of numeric pad, same color, but this keyboard could not be more different. 

This new keyboard is sporting the classic scissor mechanism, apple has improved key stability by what they claim as 33%. A lot of its users and reviewers are breathing sigh of relief that it is not the butterfly keyboard like the one found on the new MacBook. In which mostly everyone agrees that new keyboard on the MacBook just felt off and not natural. But I can report that this keyboard feels great and very fluent to type on. It only requires 1mm of force to press down to register the input, where as the old one required 2mm, meaning you can move to the next key much quicker and type faster. 

The overall biggest improvement with all of the new apple accessories is the built in battery. Before it required two AA battery's and they went through them like vampires at a blood bank, now all it requires is a lighting cable which is include of course.  Apple claims that the new keyboard will last a month or so off a full charge. It also comes with quick charging which mean it only needs to be plugged in for about two minutes for a full days worth of work. The lighting port is on the back so it can be plugged in and used at the same time as well. additionally a nice new feature is when you take the keyboard out of the box all you have to do is plug the lighting cable into your computer and new keyboard and it will automatically pair. 

Overall this is a great new update to an already great keyboard. If you have one of the old keyboards or looking to make a change I highly recommend it.