Notification Purge

A few months ago I was getting a lot of notifications, and most were useless information. I had notifications telling me to come back to a game, the deal of the day, or letting me know Stan liked a post. This was wasting my time and taking me out of the moment on what I was working on.

The first thing I did was determine what need to be on. Facebook notifications were the first to go, I don't care when somebody invites me to a event, or likes a post. I got rid of notifications like Twitter, shopping apps, and I aucltey deleted all games but that's another post. Pretty much any app that did not have important information got turned off, but there are multiple levels to that. This really started to make me feel free, free of a device that had a hold on me and could summon me at a ding.


If it doesn't need my attention right away it doesn't need to make a sound. Sounds are the most disrating of all the noifactions, because as long as my phone is within ear shot it still has the abbilty to pull me out of what ever it is I am doing. Lets face it we really dont need a push notication sounds for every email that comes through.

A few applications that I do leave on are sounds for important messaging apps, like messages, phone, google hangouts. These apps are all important to my day to day work, but all other application sounds get turned off. At night I use the do not disturb which is a great feature, and also allows you to whitelist contacts so they can still get ahold of you but no one else can bug you.


Badges for all apps are turned off. Not only do they throw off the symmetry of the home screen, but it also gives you the feeling that you need to take care of something right away, and for most cases this is just not true. You should never have the feeling that you have to do something when looking at your device.

Home Screen

Lock Screen

No surpise here I turn a lot of apps off from posting here, but I do leave a core group on. All of my messaging apps, calendar, reminders, VIP email correspondents all show up on the lock screen, these are items I wish to know about when I wake up my device.

Notification Center

For any minor notifcations that I would like to know about but can wait tell the end of day or when ever I have time to kill they sit in the notications drop down, and never show up on the lock screen or make a sound. This gives me the freedom to deal with them when I have the time so they are not demanding my attention everytime I wake up my device. This mostly applys to news, shipment tracking, and podcasts.

Shutting Them Down

To wrap this up, my proccess isn't for everyone, I have worked on it for many years but I finally feel that this what works for me. Of course there are an infinite number of variations of this you can play around with to find what works for you. On a later post I will go into dealing with notifications on the apple watch and how the watch is very beneficial.