The Seedy Underbelly of the Internet

iOS 9 came out today and with it the ability to add content blockers this seems like a big step for apple, and they are taking a stance in the mobile web war. Ads have become the seedy underbelly of the web tracking, logging, cashing, and being flat out annoying. I understand websites need to make money but there has to be a way not to totally destroy the web and abuse there readers. 

Just like in the early 2000's when web browser started including pop blockers by default, the next battle in this war is going to be ad blockers by default. Google is starting by blocking all flash based ad's, and now with apple making content blocking an option in iOS 9, pushing us one step closer in the next evolution of the web. Ads will move on and find a new model for their business plan and we will start this all over again but for now this is a big step forward. 

We should all think about enabling these ad blockers on our devices, but do so responsibly. What I mean by that is instead of blocking all ads let everything through at first and as you find sites that are just annoying or might be doing something sneaky add them to the blacklist. There are definitely sites that are designed well and are not intrusive to their users and for that they should not be punished. 

I don't want people thinking I'm saying all websites that use ads are bad, but when you have users with limited data plans it can become irresponsible very quickly. Sites that have videos that auto run when you go to their pages are not fair to their users who are on limited data plans or are in areas with slow bandwidth. Then their are the pages that have so many ads that you can't see their content and that is not fair to those who have worked hard on their projects. We as users of the internet have to find a balance to support sites we enjoy but not to hurt the end users. 

For those that are interested in running an ad blocker I myself use Ghostery for my desktop machine, and for my mobile devices I use Peace which can be found in the app store.