The Case For A Independent Apple Watch

A couple weeks ago I took my iPhone to the Apple Store to have the screen fixed. When I dropped my phone off they mentioned it would be and around a hour and half, no big deal. My local Apple Store is the in a mall, so I figured I would walk around, get a bite to eat, and buy some pants. When I left the Apple store I went to send a text message from my watch forgetting that I had just dropped off my phone and my watch wasn't paired anymore. I was surprised for a second when I couldn't send my message, then I remembered I didn’t have my phone on me. Again no big deal it could wait. I moved on with my day, and went to check the 2Do app on my watch, again forgetting I didn’t have my phone on me, and I couldn’t get what I need to.

For the last couple months we have been hearing rumors about Apple doing a fully independent Apple Watch. Some thought that might ship with the new version this fall, but it alas that didn’t come to pass. After having the experience I had I can see why a cellular Apple Watch would be ideal. Especially if Apple makes a deal like Amazon did for there cellular Kindles, that sit on slower networks but come at no monthly cost for there customers.

Our cell phones are always connected but for most people that is the only device that is always connected. I believe in the two is one method, if you only have one of something then you have none, if you have two then you only have one. So only having one device always connected doesn’t work for that. An always connected watch would allow me to make calls, send messages, get directions, listen to podcast when I don’t have my phone available.

With a always connected Apple Watch certain interactions like Siri wouldn't have to rely on the phone and could speed up the processing time making it far more useful to the average user. Also with the combination of the GPS that is in Apple Watch Series 2 having fully independent location aware task would be an option. Being able to come home and a watch face switch to the one you use at home, or when you leave have the face switch to your day face.

Having that always connected device has been amazing for smart phone, but whats beyond that? I think it is wearables and AR, the combination of those would open up whole new options for interactions with technology.