Review: Woven Nylon Band For The Apple Watch

I got the new Woven Nylon band for my Apple Watch a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't to sure about it at first, the product shots on Apples website didn't look that great. I have been on the look out for a more comfortable band recently. The Sport band is nice but it doesn't breath very well. I'm not somebody that has worn a lot of watches in my life so I don't have a particular style I care for. Like I have said I still love my Apple Watch but I wanted it to be more comfortable.

I happened to be in the Apple Store picking a few things and I noticed the new Woven Nylon band and it looked really nice, a lot better then the product shots on Apple website. So I figured I would pick up the black one and try it out.

Of all the Apple bands and third party bands I have tried this is my favorite. It breathes so my arm doesn't feel sweetie, and I can make it tight enough so that it doesn't flop around. I honestly think this is the best looking of all the bands Apple makes, and it just so happens it is tied for being the cheapest.

For right now this is my daily go to watch band for the Apple Watch. I am always open to try more bands, but having a stylish comfortable band at a good price is a great deal for me. I'm sure I will pick up different colors in the future.