Post-Mobile Era

Technology has always been an evolving landscape, moving fast and never waiting for anyone to catch up. In 2007 Steve Jobs popularized the phase "Post-PC era" and we are living in that world now. The computer most people use are not the computers sitting on their desk but the devices that are in everyones pockets. The smart phone kicked off this Post-PC era and now it's time to look at what comes after the Post-Mobile era.

I have three devices I use everyday my iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch these are very personal devices that are all part of the mobile era. Don't get me wrong I don't think the mobile era is over or will be done in the next 5 years but it is time to be thinking about what comes after that.

Right now the hot button topic is VR and AR, and while both pose interesting uses I don't think those will be the future on their own. VR sounds great for gaming, but beyond that I don't want to wear a headset and not be able to see and hear what is really going on around me. I think AR on its own is very interesting but it needs something else to tie into to make it feel useful.

Every major tech company is trying to come up with some virtual assistant, and they all have their takes. Facebook has bots, Amazon has Alexa, Google has ten different products that I am not sure people will understand, Microsoft is betting on Cortona, and Apple has Siri. While all are interesting none of them are the be all to end all. They are all scripted and the user must figure out what that script is in order to use it.

What if we had a virtual assistant that understood what we wanted and when it didn't it could ask and then learn. What if everyone had there own artificial intelligent assistant. This is what all of those tech company are working towards, this is what can tie into AR to make it work, this is the next technological era.

A computer that we can interact with just as we interact with each other is the pinnacle of human and computer interaction. Being able to talk to a computer and ask it what you need to do that day, or ask it if you have the stuff to make pasta, or remind you that you have an anniversary coming up and what kind of gift you should get in natural language will seem like you have another person in your family willing to help. As it learns it can deal with problems without it ever having to bring it up to you. This is what true AI is.

I believe the current assistance aren't taking off outside of the very technology driven space because they are too frustrating to use. When you have to start repeating yourself or the first time it forgets something critical it lose that allusion of working as an assistant. There will be no script for AI to follow like Siri does to today, it will learn as human and machine work together.