App Store Improvemnets 6/8/16

Today Apple announced three major changes to the App Store. This came as a shock to everyone with WWDC right around the corner, everyone expected Apple to be silent.

First up Apple announced a big change for subscriptions and that any type of app is eligible for them. Though the wording is very vague I believe this is done on purpose so Apple can reject any app they deem as scamming their users. Also after a user has been subscribed to the subscription for longer then a year the profit spit goes from 70/30 to 85/15. That is huge news because this is the first time we have seen Apple do away with the 70/30 model they use for all of their stores. It's probably a long shot but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple does away with 70/30 model at WWDC and goes with 85/15 for everything in their stores.

Next up Apple formally acknowledged the new fast review times. This means they will be sticking around and that can only help developers even more.

Finally paid app placement in the store. I am not to sure on this one, paid placement really only helps the rich apps get richer and can't help the new guy if he gets out bided. But Apple mentioned this would be based on keywords so maybe it could help new categories of apps flourish. The app will be placed at the top of search and will be clearly marked as an ad and will look different then other search results.

As somebody that hopes to have a app on the store in a couple of months this is awesome. I may not agree with all the changes but its better then it sitting still and not evolving to meet the times. I didn't think it was possible but I am even more excited to see whats coming at WWDC now.