Going iPhone Plus-less

Recently the screen on my iPhone 6 Plus went out. For some reason these thing tend to happen to me right before a new iPhone comes out. I thought about being easy on it, but in a few short days it had gotten a lot worse very quickly.

I have been thinking a lot about going back to the 4.7 inch iPhone. Don't get me wrong I love the iPhone 6 Plus amazing battery life and beautiful screen. But that device never really fit with me. I have large hands and I kept wanting to use the device one handed. I could do it, but it was starting to really hurt my hand. I know that's not how that device is meant to be used, but I couldn't break the habit.

I have had an iPhone 6 before and that size felt great for using it one handed. It didn't have as great battery life like the plus, but I think I could live with that. Plus I usually have a battery pack for my iPhone and iPad with me anyway.

So I decided to go with an iPhone 6s, no plus. So far I am loving the choice. I can reach the whole screen with just one hand and that feels great. The battery life isn't terrible, I just plug it in more when I am driving, but other then that I haven't changed my usage in anyway.

The other big reason why I was able to switch with a smaller phone is now that I always have one of my iPads with me to do work on. Since I have an iPad with me my iPhone is really just for communication, navigation, and task manger. In my opinion the 4.7 inch screen size is perfect for anyone that carries an iPad with them.

Now I am not saying that the 4.7 inch size is for everyone, there are still a great many reasons to go with the Plus. With new iPhone coming out right around the corner this is a great time to think about what will fit your needs.