A Few Thoughts On The Removal Of The Headphone Jack

The 3.5mm headphone jack is based on a piece of technology thats over 100 years old. In that time technology has made leaps and bounds forwards. So why should we keep this ancient piece of technology around?

The headphone jack has one purpose and that is to play audio. And I understand company's like Square were using it for other things but those are hacks, and are not meant for what that port is for. So why in 2016 should we keep around something has has only one purpose, thus taking up space and not allowing us to allocate that space to new technology. People have been complaining for years that the iPhones battery doesn't last long enough, well thanks to the removal of the headphone jack now the battery last longer.

Taking jumps is the only true way to move technology forward and evolve as a civilization. We as a species could crawl if we wish, but I think we would be stuck back in the bronze age. It's company's like Apple that understand this and are pushing towards a better future.

They did not remove this port to make people mad, they did it so that other company will get on board making wireless audio truly better. Now I have not tried Apples Airpods but from what I can see of demo they do work as Apple says, that is a jump forward. And if you truly don't like it then buy an Android phone or an iPod, I think Apple still sales those.

I am going to take a quick sidebar to also mention a lot of news outlets have been quick to bash Apple because its easy page clicks for them. What they forgot to mention is that in the box there are a new pair of Earpods that connect to the lightening port and and adapter in the box to go from lightening to 3.5mm headphone jack.