Post-Mobile Era

Technology has always been an evolving landscape, moving fast and never waiting for anyone to catch up. In 2007 Steve Jobs popularized the phase "Post-PC era" and we are living in that world now. The computer most people use are not the computers sitting on their desk but the devices that are in everyones pockets. The smart phone kicked off this Post-PC era and now it's time to look at what comes after the Post-Mobile era. 

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Review: Woven Nylon Band For The Apple Watch

I got the new Woven Nylon band for my Apple Watch a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't to sure about it at first, the product shots on Apples website didn't look that great. I have been on the look out for a more comfortable band recently. The Sport band is nice but it doesn't breath very well. I'm not somebody that has worn a lot of watches in my life so I don't have a particular style I care for. 

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Be the change that you see in the world.

That quote gets thrown around a lot and I doubt many people that say that know what it truly means, or, at least practice what they preach.  I know I am guilty of this at times.  Aren’t we all? With so many inspirational and motivational stories out there, it is easy to get excited to make a difference, and yet just as easy to fall back into a sense of complacency.

Can any one person change the world?  I mean really change it. Can one person make a difference?  I like to believe so because believing that gives me hope that we have purpose. If one person can’t change the world, then doesn’t that mean our existence is virtually meaningless?

I also believe that, when we don’t strive to reach our highest potential, we will simply remain sheep, herded through life by someone else. When you die don’t you want to be remembered for leaving the world a better place then the one in which you lived?

I know I want to be someone that makes a difference, and I want to be remembered for making a positive change.