WWDC = \(newSoftware)

With less then two weeks left before Apples annual WWDC the rumor mill is a buzz with what we might see. The big rumors going around are a complete refresh for the MacBook Pro and a new 5K Display with a builtin GPU. While these are rumors are very strong and I firmly believe Apple will release these products, it won't be at WWDC.

WWDC is not a normal Apple product keynote. An average audience at an Apple keynote is full of journalist, but WWDC is the developer conference. This keynote will be geared towards software and developers. New OS for all the platforms, new API's for developers to use, a look at Swift 3 are all to be expected at this keynote. As a new iOS developer I will be happy with any of those. Most likely the big product keynote will be in September with the iPhone announcement.