Swift Playgrounds Is The Biggest Annoucement From WWDC

On Monday Apple had their annual WWDC Keynote at the Bill Graham center. In my opinion Swift Playgrounds is the biggest piece of news to come out of it. I will be honest I was hoping for something a little more like Xcode to be announced for iPad, but this is so big that it is at least a couple years out. But what we got might be better.

The first part of Swift Playgrounds is really geared towards the younger audience for people that want to want to lean how to program. They have great detailed animated lessens for people to interact with and really learn what the functions of Swift are. I am really impressed and as somebody that is teaching them self how to code I can't wait to try it.

They also have full playground projects like the one you would find in Xcode. But Apple has gone in and reworked the whole thing to work better with touch. In the State of the Union yesterday the developer showing the demo never launched the keyboard and just used quick type suggestions. But there is a keyboard for those that want to get their hands dirty. It has been designed with coding in mine. So common special characters in coding are on the letter keys and just require a long press to select them.

I am so impressed with this and will be installing the beta on one of my iPads to try it out.