iPadOS 15 Wishlist

  • True External Monitor Support

    • The iPad and monitor act as two separate displays and they don’t just mirror each other
    • True clamshell mode
    • More then two apps in splits view on the external monitor
  • A Sign of Pro Apps (May see APIs that hint at pro apps, but they don’t get announced until the fall.)

  • Multi-Stream Audio Support (Important for recording podcasts and streaming)

  • Control Center Improvements

    • UI changes so it doesn’t blur the whole display
    • Allow third party utilities to live in there (kind of like Mac menu bar apps. Like the ability to create new tasks, calendar, etc.)
  • Multitasking Improvements

    • More ways of triggering multitasking (Example: Keyboard shortcut, shortcuts, some kind of launcher when triggering multitasking)
    • Ability to setup permanent pairs (Example: when I launch Things in full screen have it open fantastical in split view)
    • More then two apps in split view on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro
  • App Library

    • Something that launch’s from the dock to show all installed apps (Example: Launchpad on Mac)
    • Customize categories
  • Home Screen Updates

    • Widgets anywheres
    • Smaller widget type, maybe even a larger one for the iPad screen
    • Files and folders on the Home Screen
      • Including saving files here
    • New icon type and updatable third party icons (Example: homekit scenes and devices that show the status on the icon and show the current date on calendar icons)
    • Put more apps and icons in one folder page
  • Fix notifications

    • Take better advantage of the lock screen and notification center screen space
  • Modernize the share sheet (It’s a mess)

  • System wide custom keyboard shortcuts (I’ve been asking for this one for a while. This would be great for shortcuts users, but also open it up to third party apps.)

  • Updates to the Music App

    • Better recommendations, overhaul the listen now page.
    • More of a balance between playlist and album recommendations (Apple Music heavily favors playlists)
  • Shortcuts Updates

    • Files app actions
    • Widget update to support more shortcuts in each given size
    • Ability to turn off automation confirmation notifications
    • A push to improve third party shortcut support (A lot of apps let you put data in but don’t let you pull it out via Shortcuts, looking at you Things)
    • SMB file transfer actions
    • More music actions
    • Better HomePod support
  • Mail App Improvements

    • Smart folders and filter support
    • A freak’n share sheet
  • Safari Updates

    • Extensions support (Password managers, web clippers, anything else)
  • Reminders, Notes, and Calendar apps updates (I don’t have anything major here, just proof of life is nice)

  • Change of Policy Regarding Third Party Game Streaming Apps (Example: Project Xcloud)

  • Fix iMessage Threads

Update (6/3/2021)

  • Files app improvements
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements
    • Progress bars
    • Update UI to speed up navigation
    • Just make it better please! 🙏
  • Vidit Bhargava excellent concept for a Menu Bar (This could be great for pro apps like he shows)

June 3, 2021

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